Trauma Informed

At Beyond Horizons, Trauma-Informed Counselling, we understand the profound impact
that trauma can have on an individual's life. Our dedicated team of compassionate
therapists is here to provide trauma-informed care, creating a safe and supportive
space for healing and personal growth.

Our Approach
We recognize that individuals who have experienced trauma may face unique
challenges, and our approach is rooted in understanding, validation, and empowerment.
Our trauma-informed counselling goes beyond traditional therapeutic methods,
acknowledging the prevalence of trauma and its potential effects on mental, emotional,
and physical well-being.

Key Principles of Trauma-Informed Care

  •  Safety: We prioritize creating a safe and welcoming environment where clients feel secure and supported throughout their therapeutic journey.
  •  Trustworthiness and Transparency: Our therapists prioritize open communication and transparency, building trust with clients to foster a strong therapeutic alliance.
  • Empowerment and Choice: We believe in empowering individuals to make choices and have control over their healing process. Our therapists collaborate with clients, respecting their autonomy and pace.
  •  Collaboration and Mutuality: The therapeutic relationship is a partnership. Our therapists work collaboratively with clients, recognizing the importance of mutual respect and understanding in the healing process.

Our areas of expertise include complex trauma, Relational trauma, childhood trauma
and PTSD.